A dimly lit street in East London, where Jack the Ripper was known to lurk.

Jack the Ripper Tour

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The autumn of 1888 will forever be known in London as the Autumn of Terror. In London’s East End a serial killer stalked the streets, murdering prostitutes and mutilating their bodies, his name, Jack the Ripper!

Much has been written on the subject over the years, and separating fact from fiction has often been difficult. Many suspects have been identified, some plausible, others bizarre, and many downright ridiculous. Many conspiracy theories have been put forward, and countless books, films and television programs have been produced on the subject, each naming more and more suspects. Were the Royal Family involved? Was it a Freemason conspiracy? With nearly 100 suspects put forward to date, just who was this mysteries predator?

What do we actually know about Jack the Ripper? This tour will explore exactly that, we will sift through the evidence and eyewitness accounts; using the criminal, phycological and geographical profiling of the killer, to examine each suspect one by one.

We will visit the murder sites and explain each gruesome killing, we will re-trace the killers footsteps, and explore what life was like for the poor, living in the slums of London’s East End.

Join our expert guide from Aldgate East station, in the heart of the Ripper's killing ground, cutting out any unnecessary walking.

Meeting time

Every Friday at 7:00pm.

Meeting location

Aldgate East station exit 2 (Toynbee Hall Exit)

Look for the green umbrella!